Breathing Room

Another day for what is according to a start,
The fine tuned lyrics without forms of art,
When heart can be thought of as soul,
Where inspiration politely pays the toll,
Again with the questions & quotes,
All of the paper filled with musical notes,
Yet not for my benefit of this life I live,
So take nothing into account to finally give,
Surround me & feel less of what’s finished,
Increasing the many things that diminish,
Or hold this away from the intent seen,
Someday simplifying all that I mean,
A message of hope, with ashes & smoke,
Recreating a form once shattered & broke.

Gratitude for Understanding

As I turned to the left in a reactive fashion,
The tedious idea of what to spend cash on,
Boredom & excuses; revoked & disputed,
I don’t know what the root is,
This problem is thought of that way,
Or it could just be another thing to say,
For a balance so crucial to understanding,
Why I’m thankful I have a safe landing,
To observe what is happening here,
For a vantage point of applause & cheer,
Letting go seems so easy to focus with,
In other words, I remember my wish,
From the time I saw that memory,
In a dream state opened to all that will be.

Scenario within Time

If forgiveness is granted, I won’t attach,
To mix & match & a throw to catch,
Obsession switched in movement away,
I’m trying to focus on what I can say,
The entire human pulse, global & changing,
Intuitive vibe of consistency rearranging,
Chemistry set; marked & ready to go,
Vile of potion distributed to who we know,
Antidote persuaded to cope for the moment,
All too often it leaves with no one to own it,
Broken clock of time, correct in assuming,
Compelled to do what is asked of me,
I guess it boils down as evaporation occurs,
A scenario presented frequently as a blur.

Illusion and Romance

I did; they left & the others aren’t here,
Opposing what is subsequent & near,
A poem; for at one point they knew him,
The blood flows through the body given,
Veins directed in misunderstood correction,
Unfolding material for a form of protection,
Never flipped; straight static for all,
Another silent scenario & no one to call,
The options must be waited on; for & from,
Unfortunately I’m close to being done,
Time waits for no man; open time to write,
A misleading way to fight my way to flight,
Concluding where silence is a dare,
This romance attaches to nothing there.

Definition of Self

If the definition of self is expressed,
Would you define it in a way to impress?
If money talked, by giving to receive,
Does intelligence give to deceive?
The role I display to others for a reaction,
Forms of inertia will push towards an action,
Cause and affect; respect of all I neglect,
Focus for the view of the mind to collect,
More than I can deal with, so I’ll relax,
Unstable structure in motion of a collapse,
Brought into form, hopefully preserved,
Maintain its stability & integrity deserved,
Observed & moved to another view,
Unless continued; it’s something to do.

Creative Response

To think as a creator & respond as such,
Instinctive reaction may not do as much,
When transcending to higher consciousness,
While living & following continual bliss,
Strive to establish a grasp of the impossible,
A gift is now within the understandable,
If others respond, yet I don’t recognize,
Acknowledging a judgment if they criticize,
Rather think of who I am for what it is,
On my own journey, as I pass my own quiz,
No better than you, to just make progress,
Sent into the future with a form of success,
Inner world radiates around my view,
It guides & helps me enjoy what I do.

You Knew

Did I realize I was looking down?
There were some boundaries set around,
To avoid some kind of anything,
With an alarm insisting & a sound to bring,
At least I broke free, yet you knew,
A glare to a gaze & a desire to continue,
Twisted pathways seem to straighten out,
Entertaining the notion of what it’s about,
When a thought creates this other realm,
Mental movies of stories; form of film,
Voices stop & the stage reveals,
Complete agreement, while making deals,
When the third attempt is obvious enough,
I’ll continue to hide & describe more stuff.

Yes or No

To truly know what to do or say,
Unconditional love can show a way,
Yet the doubt in confident habits,
A fear of the unknown future within it,
I think of myself, I think of others,
A reflective nature revealed & covered,
Motivation stops, when its courage I lack,
How can I continue to arrive or get back?
Toward times when it goes smoothly,
No friction with the way life moves me,
The life cycles show this isn’t always true,
When I don’t do what I want to do,
To possibly relax & go easy with choice,
A simplistic yes or no is an action of voice.

Story of a Spider

The webs you’ve spun,
The end of your life is now done,
Yet in the next phase you’ll be fine,
It was only a matter of time,
Waiting while you were deciding,
The instinctive ways you were hiding,
Revealed to know you were there,
Was it because I thought of a scare?
Magnificent creation, its beauty natural,
Insect’s dread as you caught them all,
Or maybe the cycle is complete,
A computer term known as delete,
Roaming around the home you knew,
A dimensional portal now traveled through.


A good attitude, patience, & an afternoon,
Not knowing if something will happen soon,
Can this turn around into something good?
A way to do or say what I know I should,
God give me strength & show your mercy,
To only know how to survive this currently,
Walking at a pace of tension, anger, & rage,
Overly dramatic being rescued from a cage,
I know what I could & should do,
Yet I don’t, I resist, & I refuse,
Being alive as my mind scrambles ahead,
Within my head the voices have said,
Just a thought, so relax & try,
It’s all in the mind, where I can confide.