The Road We Choose

When the opposite applies to this,
You may flip the meaning to get the gist,
Although opposites are perfect pairs,
You can travel up or down the stairs,
Arriving at another destination,
The road we choose with hesitation,
A way for understanding & compassion,
More than words, when put into action,
I’ll let go of the defined meaning,
The definition will very soon be leaving,
To realize the basic essence of life,
An anniversary of a husband & wife,
Union of opposites may be balanced,
I just wonder if there is a chance.

Illusion in Experience

Within all that is pure among a broken view,
I’ll try to describe the love I have for you,
All that transcends a physical form known,
The illusion in experience, as a gift shown,
Peace, grace, and a life to share one day,
Put into the future with the words I say,
A constant stream of inaccurate perception,
Although I recognize this form of deception,
My finite mind cannot grasp the infinite,
So how could I pretend I am within it?
I’ll try to align with divine thought,
To be found humble, yet still I’m caught,
Faith in God, to guide within this dream,
Compassion displays toward what I redeem.

Thinking Thoughts

What is so wrong with thinking a thought?
I guess it depends on what is & what is not,
Pleasant memories arrive in my mind,
A thought that is encouraging & kind,
Almost as if I need to reach for them,
Yet it feels good to remember when,
Sure, some thoughts are not so good,
Although there is a way that I could,
Search for the times, bringing a smile,
To find peace with my past for a while,
It’s good to be in the present moment,
I feel there is no reason to condone it,
Even visualization & hoping in the future,
To view life as a blessing, as we all mature.


The transcendence of forgiveness
Applied to one’s personal business
Knowing I thought of love & kindness
For myself I thought it was what’s best,
It may have been wrong in hindsight,
Divine laws overcome for what grace buys,
So now I realign my focus,
For what intuition & distance can give us,
A new path needed to be experienced,
What I truly want & need within it,
Patience to honor what is now & here,
Gratitude & courage to rise above fear,
So today is a new start for me,
The journey begins from here into eternity.

A Million Miles

Situations try to hide their disguise,
I know a truth within all this to arise,
Intuitive step to take care of a hunger,
Pouring rain, lightening, & thunder,
Assuming perspective presents deception,
Until I realize this clear correction,
One after the other with unconditional ways,
Together the silent thoughts may betray,
A constant that is pure, yet can’t be seen,
Occasional prayer of a lifelong dream,
Fragile time for all those mentioned,
With possible conflict prevented,
The opposite direction traveled toward,
I will take with me what was absorbed.

Number of One

The view I see is of just one,
Made up of parts of course, for fun,
To complete, confuse, amuse, & present,
Just more ink on a paper for me to vent,
Only the singular amount in binary,
The perspective behind eyes that may see,
The point is this; completely missed,
Solitary mental noise as to only resist,
Into commercial confusion with four points,
Predictable as the politician they appoint,
Forward & backward; a direction to choose,
The kitchen has many things to use,
Big ideas within the circuitry of what’s told,
Find the path or merely reinvent the role.

Ironic Compatibility

With the ability to find a sense of humor,
To acknowledge a question of what it’s for,
In other words, it’s possible to be breathless,
So let go, follow flow, but don’t be reckless,
Too many loose ends & not enough days,
To be patient within reasons of many ways,
To help the helpless, yet less is more,
Freedom to window shop at any fine store,
Or the highway of mysterious vanity,
Virtue escapes the idea of marrying me,
Oh so great, yet not so humble,
In other words, stop pouring when it’s full,
To go back & correct what I said,
It can’t be taken back by what you just read.

Moment of Mercy

Select a song to sing for love,
Collect the symbols of below & above,
A gift given, honored, & shown,
Still here, with infancy grown,
Show compassion & light,
Clear the mind to see with true sight,
Of varying ways & simple days,
Consistent, parallel, & a form that arrays,
Attempt; visualize, & think positive,
Continue, hope, & just live,
All this & more, after the opened door,
Eternal movement guesses for more,
The concept of what the past means,
Clarity is how a pure intention may seem.


Start, pause, rise, & surprise,
Direction of rotation with metallic eyes,
Reflection of a mirrored optimism,
A new beginning with this kind of baptism,
Rare occasion, yet I’ll prepare a meal,
Hungry to the point I feel I want to steal,
I really don’t know, but how could I?
Too many ways to perceive the truth or a lie,
So I’ll try to make the most of simplicity,
Hoping that it’s a good thing I’ll see,
Transforming into what is now & here,
Spectrum of light on the horizon so clear,
The solution doesn’t have to be solved,
Many trees hold onto the time of fall.

So Soon Surrounded

The way it appears to feel compelled,
Listening carefully to the story they tell,
Cautious & curious in what’s surrounding,
A choice to accept what life is offering,
When a fact changes before I know it,
This paradox ironically written for a tiny bit,
With affection towards the time of noon,
Color selection; structures of a balloon,
Fragile power operates around the fool,
Ice cold, kind of warm, or maybe just cool,
Celebrations mingle in collaboration,
Strong relations need a good foundation,
If only to continue without worry,
The time is due, yet I’ll try not to hurry.