Our Friendship

To let you know I appreciate you as a friend,
Regardless; what is a beginning or an end?
Simplicity speaks volumes for me,
Gratitude to just let things be,
Always wanting you to feel free,
Currently this is how I see,
I trust the wisdom you have in what you do,
To support this friendship moving through,
To just comfortably let you know,
I’m glad this is how it will go,
Thank you so much for who you are,
Friendship is precious as the sky & the stars,
For now that’s all I can think to say,
Have an enjoyable & wonderful day.

An Open Doorway

This might be thought of as the next step,
What the mind let’s go of & what is kept,
If there was a doorway to something else,
Would I agree with who I am within myself?
If to open with a key of what’s inside of me,
This would allow what could be, to just be,
While the time cycles may continue,
An ordinary pattern of what to do,
Outside of what I’ve stepped into,
For all that I’ve been through,
In front of me or behind my view,
There is no key when there is a clue,
What is honestly a good connection?
I can approach a door of thought selection.

Equal Resistance

One way towards the other,
I could find it to be a bother,
If I haven’t labeled it as good or bad,
There is no reason to be happy or sad,
To find out what will be continuous,
A circular rotating line of trust,
An expression requires variable intent,
To perceive a view of satisfied content,
One molecular bond against another,
Magnetic forces arrange as the field covers,
In & out of existence, scientifically,
The way it was told to me specifically,
So I’ll move through life carefully,
I believe this happens substantially.

Orchestrated Connection

If there was a circuitry of the soul,
Mechanical in the way I was told,
There would be a connection throughout,
Independently & honestly, I have doubt,
A thought moving towards a goal,
Destination paid for with some gold,
A metal made from lyrical alchemy,
As a focused mind moves towards destiny,
Strength of mind to maintain sanity,
Now I can let it go, for what next will be,
Pick up the pieces & continue on,
As this new moment is born,
Within an orchestra’s complete unity,
I’ve been given a mind to play with reality.


Completing a format of what to trust,
It’s not required to make this a must,
Rather a suggestion to follow intuition,
As to how I feel about a situation,
A unifying line around silence of mind,
This is hidden within to possibly find,
Knowledge of coincidental events,
Safely rewarding what this prevents,
The best I know how to do,
The heart reveals; moving me though,
Four, three, two, one, just for fun,
Or change the direction to run,
So I can see this is merely a walk,
Intention displayed an informational talk.

Life Information

With courage & a surrender to action,
Life information guides toward an intention,
Angels watch over to guide you,
God orchestrates what’s connected through,
Faith interacting within a community,
A support system needed; part of humanity,
To live what I’m capable of, while alive,
The memories of love at a time of goodbye,
Gentle reminders with divine intervention,
Signs throughout the day that God mentions,
A reminder in the experience of this writing,
A situation that puts awareness in sighting,
Overlooking the idea within the blindness,
I will refocus on what is forgiveness.

Understand the Catalyst

To define what the sound creates,
Is not how to understand what it negates,
It is a blessing of timing & realized silence,
When understood it will create a resilience,
From one to the next, then, back to the first,
A moment just started, yet ends with a birth,
Existing temporarily without knowing,
Behind the physical form that is showing,
Intention invented for frustration prevented,
Connecting to unify; equal sound presented,
Time to simplify, for the lesson was given,
What I learned & where I will be driven,
To the next point in time & place in space,
Erratic pattern understood in style & grace.

Momentarily Waiting

Time within the mind is where I’ll focus,
Only what is referred to as hocus pocus,
If I entertain & run with a thought,
Instead of always referring to a clock,
Yet thinking clearly & loving dearly,
Understanding this is important to me,
Recognize what’s around & within,
Who am I & where have I been?
Here, there, & everywhere,
With unconditional or traditional care,
Oh well, what I’ve attempted to tell,
I’ll slow down & admit that I fell,
In love, in word, & in motion,
Natural life is the magical potion.

Transmit and Receive

I’ll transmit words, from thought to paper,
An attempt to love myself as my neighbor,
Frequency of sound behind the meaning,
Tuning into a visualized way of dreaming,
Received as a feeling, follow this thought,
To know what I’m thinking & what I’m not,
An unobserved signal sent out in possibility,
Faith may determine if it is synchronicity,
Step back to view the big picture,
The wisdom I’ve learned from scripture,
A perspective of what this world is,
My reality is balanced by what I give,
In expectation of a future scenario,
Moving forward to find out where this goes.

Formation of Water

Water can be expressed in different ways,
Scientific or throughout linguistic arrays,
Created, destroyed, a change in formation,
Ice or vapor, with the potential of creation,
Variables give a clue of the temperature,
It is what it is; in a vague way I’m sure,
The indescribable life water gives us,
Properties held, in which we trust,
It’s fascinating & I often think,
I recognize this when I take a drink,
Enlightened gratitude; step back & observe,
How much of nature will be conserved?
A snowflake, steam, or merely a storm,
It is who we are in physical form.