Every Heartbeat

If we honor our Creator on just one day,
Limiting the thanks to only a Sunday,
For every heartbeat is a new creation,
Every moment is a new situation,
Every breath is an opportunity to express,
The miracles in which I am impressed,
Living a life that God continues to share,
Choosing how to view what has been made,
If I don’t realize how much God cares,
I’m concerned my hope may fade,
The soul within myself has grown,
Going through what we’ve gone through,
Observing what I have already known,
The concept of now is always new.

This Moment

Letting go of what is most important,
To be amazed at how it will return,
No way to be late for this appointment,
Only the blessing of what I will learn,
The opportunity to give away this moment,
For the treasure of what is next,
A river’s stream of forward movement,
Of what is all simply complex,
When you look for a situation to arrive,
There will always be another chance to try,
Gliding smoothly toward your destination,
Viewing the horizon of what will happen,
As time moves forward with no hesitation,
To enjoy this moment we are in.

Divine Theory

There is no time like the present,
A worldwide moment, that God has sent,
The sight & sound found in this place,
Simple joys & a smile on your face,
Now we are alive; we have these dreams,
The beginning may not be what it seems,
Human intellect with a divine theory,
Writing this so it will be given to me,
Sincerely wanting the best for you,
Only if the intentions are true,
A stone thrown in a still pond,
Similar to the waves of sound,
The ripples of water will spread,
Our voice & words, only once said.

Calm Energy

I would like to send a universal vibe,
A calm energy within your inside,
A smooth pulse surrounding this place,
God’s divine plan, God’s peaceful grace,
A unified thought, a harmonious emotion,
A strong foundation, a moment in motion,
This opportunity to express my devotion,
My appreciation of life for instance,
To write a poem was only a notion,
Honoring the creation of my existence,
To share with others my knowing,
With God’s love that meets my need,
God’s forgiveness is always showing,
Time moves forward, as it will proceed.

Our Journey

I pray the angels watch over you,
For your desires & wishes to come true,
How we think the way a situation is,
God created our lives, this world, all that is,
A possible view from what you know,
It may affect the way things will go,
I believe He wants good things for us,
With a knowing, with faith, & with trust,
Each of us traveling toward what will be,
Staying tuned in to the divine energy,
The Holy Spirit within us will reside,
As the Good Shepherd will guide,
These things, these people, this place,
We travel our journey through time & space.