Faith to Expect

To expect the best; a constant increase,
Thoughts about this may never cease,
Visualizing wonderful experiences today,
A divine orchestration with the words I say,
More than hope when there is a choice,
Listening to the wise & still, inner voice,
Surrounding; an environment of dreams,
Present moment being more than it seems,
This moves toward better & better days,
A map found, out of the complicated maze,
With courage & faith to expect the best,
The excitement leads my life without rest,
I wish these thoughts for you as well,
Sincerely, this is what I will tell.


As I surrender to let go & allow,
Thoughts & actions explain to me how,
Intuitively guiding to achieve this goal,
As for a soul’s vision to see its focus grow,
I can travel a path to accomplish,
Successful requirements with this wish,
Assemble the puzzle pieces in collection,
In sharing control of a paradox’s direction,
Move the level; balance to prioritize respect,
This one time experience that we all collect,
Unifying the understanding of who we are,
Just reaching for a blessing; it is not too far,
Yet now the current life topic shifts,
So I’ll observe the interchangeable for a bit.


As synchronize signals manage imagination,
A miraculous healing of this situation,
Welcoming change, colored with emotion,
A moment of growth relating to a notion,
Supporting preprogrammed perspectives,
Within what we bring towards directives,
An intention to create beautiful expression,
Interconnected energy told in confession,
Processing the help of an inspired source,
To safely design a life vision, of course,
A home, not yet perfect, but with potential,
Expanding in the abundance of sequential,
This connection links the experiences,
Searching for ideas to improve what this is.

Not There Yet

I can feel it in my soul of being,
That there is a certain way of seeing,
I’m not there yet, but I’ll know when I am,
To honestly evaluate if I’m a good friend,
With who I am, & with others,
A masquerade that a disguise covers,
I could test the waters so to speak,
Sure, the best view is at the peak,
The highest way of returning so low,
A natural process that life just flows,
I’m grateful for the areas I’ve improved,
The ways my improvement has moved,
Priority of progress, or stay where I am,
The area of focus is what I write with a pen.

Peaceful Surface

I can’t get it right; I can’t get it wrong,
I don’t know whether to be weak or strong,
It could go either way, if to have a choice,
People with their thoughts, actions, & voice,
Drama, situations, judgments & views,
It’s not like any of this is breaking news,
If to keep to myself & try to live in silence,
A battle rages on in my mind with violence,
Turbulent waters; storm of restless arguing,
Treaties, allies, trading, & bargaining,
I’ll rise to a unified peaceful surface,
Rather than graph the points of nervousness,
So I labeled what I did as wrong,
Yet, what if I was right all along?

Capture the Idea

It is difficult to find what I’m looking for,
When my view is the same & nothing more,
Recognizing this & looking all around me,
I can try to be open to what I can’t yet see,
Defining an improvement; a changing view,
Adaptation of a situation; know what to do,
Pulling from out of the air; given to share,
I can capture the idea with care,
Don’t worry; it will always be free to go,
I want to honor & show, what I feel I know,
A feeling propels, what seem to be words,
As gliding smoothly; aligning forwards,
If to express how I appreciate these times,
With careful skill, I create some rhymes.

A Clear Conclusion

Knowledge with an intellect so shallow,
Starting with something I really don’t know,
Quiet the mind & take a deep breath,
Take it with me, or should it be left?
Letting it go to attempt a peaceful process,
An outlook harmonizes views in success,
With resolved questions, I feel I belong,
The unknown reveals each word as strong,
With pressure & confusion said honestly,
Yet I’m writing something for it to be,
My reality check to form communication,
A variation in the approach to a situation,
This learning curve kindly faces a fear,
You’re not here & the conclusion is clear.

Unlocking Life

For a while now, I have collected,
Very keenly & oh so undetected,
Hidden in my mind with each experience,
Tucked away in laughter & seriousness,
I know where each key is located,
As I withdrew & the others debated,
For the knowledge assembled is my vice,
To unlock life in a way that is precise,
So I express to distract the eye,
Waving goodbye, then aligning to say, “Hi”,
A gift of invaluable worth in spiritual birth,
Words arrive, deposited in the ocean’s surf,
Sands of time, tell me about the beach,
Nature’s wisdom; by example, nicely teach.

The Next Form

Leading toward a direction in time & space,
Obstacles, struggles, & challenges we face,
Consistent arrival; physics of consciousness,
Collecting ingredients is a puzzling gift,
Mental wandering, approaches the absolute,
Dwelling of decisions, in hope for the truth,
Surrender intellect for a glimpse once worn,
An object in time, admiring the storm,
Potential experience in an image of energy,
Within my letting go for it to just be,
I’ve expressed all I can, so where do I go?
I guess as time moves forward I will know,
Relax with faith & hope into the next form,
It emerges with each situation that is born.

Change in Choice

Looking back on the past choices I’ve made,
There is something I recently noticed today,
I’ve reached a point in a certain way,
To the outer world it is how I’ll display
I no longer do things in how I formerly did,
Kind of like when I used to be a kid,
A sign of maturity through the life I live,
Is this a blessing that God would give?
A breakthrough in the choices I make,
I didn’t know how long it would take,
Yet I wanted to make the change,
One day I did from a view point in range,
Even if I look back now into my past,
This will be a change for me that will last.