Nothing to Say

Bite my lip, my mind is quiet,
No need to do what could cause a riot,
Which part of my personality wants to talk?
Why is stillness how I should walk?
Silent contemplation in this situation,
A subjective tense; here & now in position,
Power over others I do not have,
It’s enough to be me & to be glad,
Others living their life & their business,
So I’ll do something with mine, I guess,
Knowing what I’m able to do is a start,
Emerging together, yet so far apart,
The cause is clear with an affect by God,
For now I’ll agree & simply nod.

Above My View

Above my view; look at how you grew,
Bigger & better, ground beneath your shoes,
Walking & talking, like a song in the air,
Verses of all the ways there are to care,
Harmonious movements; get it out to vent,
That’s all it is & all that I meant,
A system of culture & society,
The ability & right to do this is free,
Or in other words of lecture & speech,
What I could learn & what I could teach,
Anyway, if this state of mind continues,
Still a constant, when change is what’s true,
In my pocket I have something of weight,
Description of that may affect my fate.

Consistent Situation

Consistent situation; flowing options known,
Explanation happening; exactly shown,
Why I did this & how I did that,
Scenario now passed within an online chat,
Competitive edge & negotiation of myself,
Personality differentiates; my soul will tell,
Right in front of me, yet I can’t see,
What is truly happening to me?
Bizarre situations; let go of this thinking,
Sitting here with the beverage I’m drinking,
My mind, a blur, than I open my eyes,
I will survive, as my ego tries,
Surrounding space; let me be free to see,
Therapeutic help within all that could be.

It Never Was

Seemingly the situation is carefully planned,
Expected routines die; spontaneity banned,
Thinking things a certain way ruins them,
Logic escapes when eleven follows ten,
After eleven is twelve; from point to point,
To count the cash or count the coins,
Rehearsed or reversed, life should be alive,
Not knowing if today is the day I die,
It is always now, but that’s not new,
At least this time I know what to do,
A form of structure is necessary, sure,
I just don’t want to ever be this bored,
The moment is here, what should I do?
Pretend it never was, so it can be new.

Paradox of Content

The paradox of content confuses my intent,
Many ideas I could try & present,
As pride predicts meaningless conquest,
When all I want to do is rest,
Peaceful eternal slumber within a void,
Always created & never to be destroyed,
An unusual plan is implemented today,
Floating through air in a particular way,
To who will meet my arrival,
Transcending a view; my eyes of survival,
Sacrificial loss, a cost, & whispered lyrics,
Yesterday is now clenched in my fists,
Lies revealed with a subconscious told,
My pulse is borrowed & now it is sold.

Talking to the Sky

Outward off the planet, I look above,
To say hello to all that life is made of,
Curiosity & imagination of possibility,
The other side of what is known as reality,
Are you here? Are you there?
The time continuum leads me to stare,
The connection of all things unifies,
So I open my heart & look to the skies,
I can relate to the storms & the worry,
Running through the rain so fast in a hurry,
Smiling & admiring the view of endlessness,
By doing this, it may just be divine bliss,
Whether clouds or stars, black or blue,
It helps me to know what to do for you.

Memory Search

As I segment the search of what happened,
I currently don’t remember, so what then?
Some way I’ll know what to write,
Somehow I’ll feed the mouth that will bite,
In the words I put together for a rhyme,
Formulating how to spend my time,
Clarity seems gone & I’m not sure why,
For now I’ll acknowledge I can’t fly,
Maybe in my dreams as I sleep,
Or if I’m levitating the ideas I seek,
If I could save the villain from the victim,
As it happens, I’ll be at peace with him,
For her to be by my side; happily ever after,
Yet, inside my world is temporary laughter.

Sequential Actions

When the present moment escapes my view,
Thinking of the future to know what to do,
Thinking of the past; played out in my mind,
A gentle gesture of trying to be kind,
Irrational thought forms movies to believe,
Is it my imagination in which I receive?
A logical action is within my reach,
Or just common sense to simplify relief,
Knowing I’m doing what I can to let it be,
Motivating forward & knowing what I see,
Visualizing & setting a stage to perform,
For what is not yet, but soon to be born,
The next moment has arrived; now I decide,
Sequential actions are lined up side by side.

Second Chances

For all the times I’ve fallen,
To express myself seems to be my calling,
I seem to deal with the same situation,
Yet this tight rope has variation,
Perfect a craft; perfect a skill,
Diagnose my faults as to take a pill,
Once again I can face what is ahead,
Ideas & notions my mind has said,
Although I weed out thorns of thought,
There is a debt of choices I have bought,
I’ll try my best to follow along,
An awakening to life, or just being gone,
Consciously I’m back to who I am,
Once again this all seems to begin.

Hesitant Words

I’m hesitant to express what’s on my mind,
The words to use now I can’t seem to find,
Careful ways of saying what I feel,
Or nothing in my thoughts to reveal,
I could create a story of how things are,
My mind telling me I’ve gone too far,
Visualize reality; not knowing what I want,
Or maybe I do, & the answer is rather blunt,
What is out of my control seems to be a lot,
Am I letting go & accepting what is not?
I’ll seize the moment & take some action,
I offered a distance of silence for reaction,
Too much to say for a short term of time,
A world displayed through abstract rhyme.