A Point of View

A conversation of unspoken word,
Listen to the music unheard,
Timeless echo I hear,
Clouded skies now clear,
A situation the heart evades,
A phrase to a word that fades,
In your eyes the absence of time,
Inspiring a poetic rhyme,
The thoughts placed in your hand,
Flowing through the shifting sand,
Come forward toward the within,
Where you’re going; where you’ve been,
Transcend to me a point of view,
Of what is similar within me & you.

Meditation and Thought

How do I get to know you by what’s inside?
I speak without saying the feelings I hide,
Giving me time to think what to do,
Illustrating action,
Mostly meditation,
Thought through,
I could wait for things to change,
A passive approach; reverses to rearrange,
I’m sitting here unknowing,
Not moving or growing,
I think about what patience can bring,
Winter time thoughts wait for the spring,
I’ll hold on, hold tight,
I can recognize hope within sight.

Needing the Other

One, two, three,
Variety in society,
Drop of water from the sea,
That has been in you and me,
Recycled throughout the world,
The flat earth becomes curled,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Finite and infinite are a must,
Each needing the other,
Related as a sister to a brother,
The sun to the moon,
Midnight moving towards noon,
Time and space,
Everything is in its place.

My Voice

I choose my life to be,
With a divine plan guiding me,
If I choose to fall from dharma,
By anger, hatred, or bad karma,
Then each good deed is a step,
To reach the mountain top of enlightenment,
A brand new view, different than before,
Everything I could want, nothing more,
Except to continue on my path,
Mysteries to solve, truths to grasp,
Music for my soul’s satisfaction,
The purpose of my choice,
My actions; my reactions,
My silence; my voice.


Looking with perspective to now see,
Possibilities of what could be,
Offers to hold out a hand to you,
Only given with what’s sincere and true,
With the sky blue & what’s discovered new,
This grew continually straight through,
Eyes begin to open to see the time is night,
Light refracting to give these eyes sight,
A vision of what was done is right,
To know our embrace held each other tight,
What is now will soon be what was then,
Decisions of what, where, why, & when,
These things are wrapped up in a prayer,
That uncovers why they were always there.


Waking up, eyes half open,
Seconds to minutes, time gone by hoping,
Expression of inner belief,
Let go to find some relief,
Certain things left as they are,
Only a thought or action away,
Closing the distance, near and far,
Repeated as it is remembered in what I say,
Is it time to meet again or to say goodbye?
Unless I can see you as I sleep,
Once said and done, to give this a try,
A risk taken with faith and a leap,
Open dictionary, words, and meanings,
Moving through what I must be dreaming.

My Inner Being

From the old to the new school,
With paper and ink as a tool,
The thought being the treasure,
Something incapable of being measured,
The thought being my inner being,
This being is beyond thinking and seeing,
To travel somewhere new or different,
My inner being is the only thing permanent,
It is the spirit throughout the living,
Abundantly taking and giving,
As the material in my world manifests,
My inner being rests,
This is my home,
Taking it with me where I roam.


When another person is involved,
Times I’ve wanted to do what I shouldn’t,
Going back for a problem to be solved,
To make it right, but I couldn’t,
Within ourselves, or given from others,
Sisters, brothers, friends, or lovers,
A word or action leading to someone’s tears,
Whether it’s someone we just met,
Or someone we’ve known for years,
A simple confusion is what we will get,
So I’ll pray to ask for guidance,
My intention was not meant to be untrue,
To break this shallow silence,
To say sorry means, “I Love You”.


All we have is the present moment,
Yet I question if we truly own it,
Why do I choose this pause of action?
It must be beyond my comprehension,
Will it delay certain satisfaction?
Holding back with my apprehension,
Will you understand my silence?
Will you know that I care?
I am only fumbling through these events,
Without you I am not there,
With you I am still here,
To think what is now was once then,
To be whispered in your ear,
To be written down with a pen.

My Audiobook Recordings

I’ve been transferring my artwork, recordings & writing, from my previous website to DanielFeindt.org. I currently finished the Uploading the Audiobook files for the Site. The list below shows all the audiobooks available to listen to online (or download) for free. I hope you like the audio versions of what I have been & will be sharing on this blog. Take good care & Thanks so much!