Another Minute

Machine like pattern moving forward,
A paradox to accomplish tasks as I’m bored,
Sound preparation, planning, & observation,
Is my heart broken from the hesitation?
To see the light of this world’s pretense,
Sanity is an opportunity to have a defense,
Who I am; perceiving a presentation,
Throwing away pieces of hope in salvation,
Faith persists & pours energy overflowing,
A divine emotion in a clock work knowing,
This takes me to where I should be,
A temporary delay with a sign I can see,
Decisions & calculations of another minute,
Divide this present moment to begin it.

Calm Intuition

Looking within my mind to find what is,
Observing what could be of all of this,
Yet intuition tells me to remain calm,
A peaceful voice sings a silent song,
The connection is divine, pure, & authentic,
Actions are sincere in the way I meant it,
Feeding the soul an inspired meal to nourish,
Eternally expanding in how it can flourish,
Not to be labeled & put in a metaphoric box,
An essence of truth without any locks,
A key to all that exists in the world known,
Presenting progression of what has grown,
To be what it is; to be who I am,
I’ll add some humor & count to ten.

Patient Love

To validate this way of presentation,
I currently have a kind of sensation,
What is known from my perspective?
Untraceable & hidden to all who will live,
An ancient waiting; simply put for you,
My observation notices something new,
Yes, love, clearing the illusion’s view,
Strength increasing as I move through,
Just waiting to be picked from the air,
To prove the way one person can care,
To pave a way, and clear a path,
Apply math, count my cash, & take a bath,
Carefully though; they have a trait as well,
Uniquely I present a poem for myself to tell.

Directed Conversation

The amount of regret I carry,
At times leads life to be scary,
The feelings I hold, connected with thought,
To realize what I am & what I’m not,
A perception of the truth hidden in my past,
If to hold onto it, the memories will last,
If to let it all go & experience this moment,
Directed conversation with life as I own it,
Essence of my soul moving along a path,
Consistency of the zero required for math,
I feel I need to search for something new,
Just to be happy with what is gratitude,
I can only admit with an overwhelmed mind,
To express what currently I’m trying to find.

Clarify the Confusion

If to create a memory so sweet,
It happens each time we meet,
Beautiful recurrence in my mind,
So carefully it will remind,
Sometimes it seems so far away,
An ocean connected, yet far from the bay,
If I knew the meaning of my display,
To others in certain ways today,
Tired & impatient thoughts give me a way,
Human like you, what more can I say?
To be like you & abandon who I am,
Permission grants a capability of how I can,
Stand up, be strong, be who you are,
Clarify the confusion within all this bizarre.


Reaching for better thoughts in my mind,
Sometimes so difficult to find,
Hope applied to knowledge & the unknown,
All of it, in front of me shown,
Delicate power surrounds as I live,
A hazy perspective with an offer to give,
Who I am from dust to dust,
A globe of rebirth & eternal trust,
This truth brings a song to sing,
A universe is birthed as the phone rings,
Although the network connection is old,
I no longer have it to be sold,
Yet I’ll look for the blessing,
My emotions open up to voice confessing.

A Distant View

I have found a reclusive & silent solution,
The world around unfolds with precision,
Clearing the way, by letting go of options,
Circumstances shown, as to watch them,
Let them flow around & through,
A present moment arrival, is what to do,
Well rested with new perspective,
For I don’t care about the collective,
Why fake a desire or a dream today?
A self-criticism can radiate in this way,
This judgment defines perfection & control,
A distant view is unnecessary for my soul,
All I see can be simplistic & plain,
The thoughts move as a runaway train.

Planned Thinking

For a complete focus, I will let go,
A choice of awareness to possibly know,
Direction to where I put my attention,
Establishing a present stance of prevention,
I feel that all things are possible,
With the endless unfolding being probable,
The information earned to be applied,
While the situation currently glides,
A deep breath with a prayer of gratitude,
In my sanctuary for a calm attitude,
A divine place with goals & aspirations,
The planned thinking can give preparation,
Alive in the moment, to intuitively feel,
I can apply spiritual tools to what is real.

Faith to Expect

To expect the best; a constant increase,
Thoughts about this may never cease,
Visualizing wonderful experiences today,
A divine orchestration with the words I say,
More than hope when there is a choice,
Listening to the wise & still, inner voice,
Surrounding; an environment of dreams,
Present moment being more than it seems,
This moves toward better & better days,
A map found, out of the complicated maze,
With courage & faith to expect the best,
The excitement leads my life without rest,
I wish these thoughts for you as well,
Sincerely, this is what I will tell.


As I surrender to let go & allow,
Thoughts & actions explain to me how,
Intuitively guiding to achieve this goal,
As for a soul’s vision to see its focus grow,
I can travel a path to accomplish,
Successful requirements with this wish,
Assemble the puzzle pieces in collection,
In sharing control of a paradox’s direction,
Move the level; balance to prioritize respect,
This one time experience that we all collect,
Unifying the understanding of who we are,
Just reaching for a blessing; it is not too far,
Yet now the current life topic shifts,
So I’ll observe the interchangeable for a bit.