Basic and Integrated

The center core is always much more,
Selected circuit path to magnetically store,
Theories practiced within awareness,
The present moment aligns within this,
Dramatic mathematics forms language,
Interacting with one’s innate courage,
To explain the complexity of the brain,
The unknown taken for granted as plain,
A needed formula of expressed variables,
Digital hardware, frequencies, & cables,
The connection is basic & integrated,
Receptive of an offer now animated,
Biologically & naturally shown,
All of this is owned & known.

Eternal Glimpse

When accessing salvation to transcend,
A species with subjectively meet an end,
Human thought inside a consciousness,
While life pushes forward a process,
Navigate the cryptographic map,
Toward a path of feeling guided to that,
Irrelevant questions of a sincere system,
A unique type of soul stays with them,
An authentic life moves with free will,
No one knows the heights of material,
Hold this eternal glimpse; a certain kind,
Incarnate into what is now in the mind,
A benevolent dissolve of lasting intuition,
Words used in another level of perception.

Honest Hesitancy

To know what is required to avoid a sin,
Regarding the sacrifice involved to begin,
The misleading reward of simplicity in life,
Have I carefully decided to not find a wife?
The tempting complicated life is alluring,
It would be nice if love was a sure thing,
I just hope to one day to understand,
Honesty hesitancy & I do what I can,
To recognize a destructive train of thought,
As I overcome thinking to says what it’s not,
A hope within the end; life being kind,
Open to letting go of rigid thinking I find,
Maybe right now is just not my time,
I’ll let go of the idea that anything is mine.

Trust in the Continuation

System dividing through a simple rumor,
Society seems to have a sense of humor,
Center the knowing of plans to think ahead,
Losing focus in words that have been read,
Time spent wisely to dream of tomorrow,
The best I know how; enjoyment or sorrow,
I want to apologize to everyone,
For I am losing many & finding none,
With dedication & faith, I can continue on,
Always alive, I don’t remember being born,
This opportunity needs to arrive at the end,
Only so much to do with paper & pen,
Trust in the continuation; this form of hope,
Maybe life is a truth I would know to cope.

Prophetic Causality

Systematic story; challenged interpretation,
A mental projection in this situation,
Awakening to a dysfunction of demise,
Generating reality as if in disguise,
Nowhere to go within truth itself,
A separate ego defining the self,
Public danger detaches survival,
When all work as one in arrival,
The unity of text & program source,
Hands full of information of course,
An inevitable claim; vivid determination,
A complete view within manipulation,
Next arrives prophetic causality,
I’ll grasp a soft controlling copy.

What Could Happen?

Observing my thoughts, clearing the mind,
A form of visualization to sometimes find,
Mental stories of how something may be,
Yet is it realistic, or something I can see?
Sure, there are possibilities unknown,
A prayer of Grace within actions shown,
In all that I do, in silence or sound,
Just in relaxing into what is all around,
Open to experience; discernment is a key,
To decide what is truly important to me,
This form of music is complete & in tune,
What could happen later or very soon?
It is action to recognize the potential,
One at a time unfolds within the sequential.

Unknown Answers

How careful do I have to be?
Before I let go & truly see,
Unknown answers to eternal questions,
Learning from others by their suggestions,
Eventually I have to take action,
A spontaneous push; a freeing reaction,
All I can say; All I can do,
In how much I miss being able to see you,
The silence breaks a chosen confusion,
To be warned about other people’s illusion,
Technique knows what I hold as important,
In between chaos & disorder that is sorted,
Space has been cleared to continue to write,
The inner fight continues into the night.

Consistent Preference

Bring my inner signals to this place,
Gratitude for small increments of grace,
These overlooked blessings in written form,
An area to start gathering what will be born,
Possible actions; reaching for what’s here,
The morning breeze makes it all too clear,
Living my life as they sleep through,
A subconscious state to enjoy & pursue,
Truth in a vision; sights of the unseen,
Passing in time & space; so fresh & clean,
Waiting to serve in a purpose discovered,
Or to be lost, hidden, & cleverly covered,
Please surface a revealed difference,
A regular basis shows consistent preference.

Beyond Now

Present moment moving through,
Connecting of what is into the blue,
God, higher self, source, & universe,
Precise flow to add my own verse,
Who I am, what I offer,
Courage of a question for her,
Authentic intention, life in awareness,
Ask, believe, & receive; in consciousness,
Understanding what I want as desire,
Lighting up thought, candle flame of fire,
Opportunity & privilege to be here,
Embracing trust; letting go of fear,
Beyond now, connection of communication,
I’ll trust myself, others, & a situation.

Temporary and Fragile

These relationships, so temporary & fragile,
Only passing through time for a while,
It directs a focus toward something greater,
When I can’t understand & I’m unsure,
Yet I’ll trust; I’ll limit my questions,
Letting go of a surrounding suggestions,
Does fear freeze my quest to choose?
Discerning within a perspective I could lose,
A doubt arrives; I greet it with caution,
An extreme way of safely living begins,
It limits, protects, guides, & hinders,
Narrowing a range of emotion to slender,
My soul steps back to observe,
I’ll appreciate the closed doors that occur.