Let It All Go

I wouldn’t get far, to know the direction there,
I prefer to travel aimlessly & not know where,
Keeping the mystery alive, so I can ask why,
To not drive, or move forward in a way to try,
Ease up & cruise with a possible romance,
Yet interacting with life as a classic dance,
Up in the air, no worries or cares,
To know who I am, regardless of their stares,
Intention was good, so you know what I mean,
Saying what I thought, like in the movie scene,
Let it all go, drop my defenses,
With this writing; nouns, verbs, & pretenses,
If to bring a little more peace to this,
The age-old advice to follow thy bliss.

Gentle Strength

I wish for you, happiness, love, & health,
For me, it is the definition of true wealth,
I can sense the gentle strength in your heart,
As it has been noticed by many from the start,
I can see the light you bring to us all,
To overcome the problems, whether big or small,
I haven’t lived your life; you haven’t lived mine,
Could there be common ground within a rhyme?
The perception of your world is a choice,
Sharing the experiences with each unique voice,
A spectrum in view, regarding what we do,
The degrees of thanks for what we go through,
So let’s leave behind the ordinary perspective,
Boosting gratitude in the ways of the collective.

Mixed Interactions

We all have ideas about what we want,
Many views; the side, the back, & the front,
Faith within intuitive guidance to navigate,
A blissful epiphany opens my eyes & I wait,
Anything can happen in the present moment,
How is giving it away a form of owning it?
This situation is a gift to meditate on,
Acknowledging in life how far I’ve come,
Forgive me for trying to not judge you,
There must be a lot you’re going through,
Or maybe it’s just who you are,
I can’t understand this from afar,
Wrapped up in dramatic simplicity,
All I need to do is just be me.

My Options

Once again, thinking of what to do,
My options as the day moves through,
Collected info for a knowledgeable stance,
I don’t know what to do to break this trance,
So I’ll think less to be who I am,
Letting pity pass by, for true faith to begin,
Am I looking for a search to believe?
If so, for what, when perception can deceive,
My lost capability to encourage & be kind,
Within an understanding in the mind,
Selection in seven billion people to give to,
Yet a day to day life to live through,
While a mental illness verges to heal me,
God & the devil, play games for all to see.

Book on a Shelf

What is known & what is unknown?
To apply it to the current moment shown,
These feelings are based on thought,
Thought based stories that the media bought,
Should I adopt this as what’s real?
It’s all good until my sins are revealed,
As a flawed & perfect man, in between,
Laws of nature & the mind will be seen,
Muddy water settles; chaotic mind clears,
Natural alignment to a well being now here,
For gratitude based on its own self,
Consistent determination; a book on a shelf,
Organized possessions to just live life,
Possibly he will find his beloved wife.

Extreme Thinking

To keep it general in an approach some way,
I’ll draw conclusions on a situation today,
Although I may never know the truth of it,
What I do believe, is at the heart of it,
Lack of trust, this life, this world, & others,
For what I do, who I am, & all it covers,
Confidentially of myself & my Creator,
Secrets kept to respect & honor her,
Is there a risk by trusting this unknown?
A chance of emotional hurt may occur,
God’s business, people’s lives, & my own,
Where are the boundaries of respect shown?
Time & money; choice & consequence,
This cause & affect makes no sense.

A Precious Girl

The breath is a wonderful thing,
Given & taken; the life that it can bring,
Inhaling in, the observed & learned,
Exhaling out, some writing to be discerned,
Unknown reason, pressure in circumstance,
Caught in worry, doubt, & a form of trance,
There is always a time to let this go,
Being led by following my heart & soul,
The other side of the equation is unknown,
Lack of focus, when what I offer is shown,
A design of the mind, wishing for a balance,
Admitting this attempt to make some sense,
An experience with thoughts of this world,
It is an eternal connection & a precious girl.

What I’ve Done

What does it mean to be wrong?
A judgment of what I’ve done all along,
The best I knew how to do,
Yet different to what I now go through,
At times doing what I think I should,
To follow a true desire is just as good?
The blind fold is on my eyes,
Only until I seem to know & realize,
The reality of letting God & letting go,
God can’t make the decision for me, I know,
So I look for insights for a better way,
To know what to think, feel, act on, or say,
I think there is timing for this to happen,
I’ll escape the doubt I may be trapped in.

An Unfolding Verse

Stillness within this settling of a view,
Visioning the next important thing to do,
This is for everyone to decide,
Within life’s movement, no one can hide,
It is life, for better or worse,
For myself, it is an unfolding verse,
I can wait; I can contemplate,
I could discuss the uncertainty of faith,
Yet, now I’ll experience my senses,
Doubt in circumstance may prevent this,
Could I confess the fear I think about?
Merely a thought of worry or doubt,
As much as it may seem real,
It will pass & it is only how I feel.

Compassion for Denial

I need to stand my ground & deny,
Yet I want you to please understand why,
It’s a fragile balance of what I know,
And the understanding I hope to show,
I ask for compassion for what I tell,
To look out for myself & others as well,
So many of the world’s problems,
No one person can solve all of them,
It’s humbling to know that I can’t help,
Particular areas in life where I fell,
Take what I say as an act of faith,
Just believe & you will make your way,
Trust that you can plan ahead,
To discern everything I just said.