Chasing What Is

I’ve observed myself (& others) thinking more than taking action. On the other hand, some people are the opposite. Either way, I can only speak for my own psychological experience. Granted, thinking is a very helpful & useful tool to solve problems. Too much of anything will lead to unwanted results. I have struggled with all of this yet have arrived at some conclusions as to understanding how to improve in this area.

I titled this blog post, “Chasing What Is”, to best encapsule how I need to balance doing things in life. Arriving at the realization that everything is okay just the way it is. I can look for experiences I want to pursue in the near future, but all that happens in the present moment anyway. Ideally, I want to find a flow between doing & thinking, to be at peace with time. To identify the roadblocks in how I perceive a problem, gives a better chance of removing the limitations & finding a solution.

One example in life, is when a dog decides to chase its tail. Sure, it may be fun for a while, but gets tiring with no successful results found. The success hopefully is found when the dog is content with knowing what they are pursuing is who they are already. It has always been a part of them on the most basic level of what just is.

How often have I done this within a psychological struggle? When have I inwardly said, “I’ll be happy when…”, “It will be good after so & so happens”. This applies to areas of life we all experience such as, finances, relationships, & finding meaning in the work we do. The truth as I perceive it, is peace of mind & success in life always happens in this moment. The “now” we are experiencing now is moving forward yet has the mental construct of being a constant.

I hope I’ve explained, or at least given some food for thought, which may be helpful if any of this is relatable to you in your life. Maybe in another blog post I can explore these concepts as the paradoxes within metaphysics. The invisible creating the visible. The constant is forever changing. The present moment is here now but moving through the time-space continuum. Hopefully, you have found this helpful or entertaining. Take care & enjoy your day.

Published by Daniel Feindt

Daniel Feindt currently lives in Bucks County PA, where he has written many poems and self-published various books... Currently Daniel also enjoys painting artwork with acrylics and works with web-design to share his work online... In 1999, Daniel was diagnosed with a mental illness, which has inspired him to learn how the mind works, as well as what it means to be human in this world... With the range of thoughts and emotions involved, he has aspired to present them in the best way possible for the reader...

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