Book on a Shelf

What is known & what is unknown?
To apply it to the current moment shown,
These feelings are based on thought,
Thought based stories that the media bought,
Should I adopt this as what’s real?
It’s all good until my sins are revealed,
As a flawed & perfect man, in between,
Laws of nature & the mind will be seen,
Muddy water settles; chaotic mind clears,
Natural alignment to a well being now here,
For gratitude based on its own self,
Consistent determination; a book on a shelf,
Organized possessions to just live life,
Possibly he will find his beloved wife.

Published by Daniel Feindt

Daniel Feindt currently lives in Bucks County PA, where he has written many poems and self-published various books... Currently Daniel also enjoys painting artwork with acrylics and works with web-design to share his work online... In 1999, Daniel was diagnosed with a mental illness, which has inspired him to learn how the mind works, as well as what it means to be human in this world... With the range of thoughts and emotions involved, he has aspired to present them in the best way possible for the reader...

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