Bringing Me Back

A low feeling of the same thought again,
I can make a new choice, but when?
I could think I’m spiritual & pure,
Yet what if I don’t know & I’m not sure,
I really don’t know what to do,
A repeated pattern I go through,
Bringing me back to where I started,
As hope for better days has departed,
Is there still time to turn this around?
A subtle glimpse of possibilities found,
How can I maintain forward progress?
If this is a lesson or one of life’s tests,
I’ll pray for authentic words to write,
I’ll try to be gentle with myself tonight.

Published by Daniel Feindt

Daniel Feindt currently lives in Bucks County PA, where he has written many poems and self-published various books... Currently Daniel also enjoys painting artwork with acrylics and works with web-design to share his work online... In 1999, Daniel was diagnosed with a mental illness, which has inspired him to learn how the mind works, as well as what it means to be human in this world... With the range of thoughts and emotions involved, he has aspired to present them in the best way possible for the reader...

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