Poetic Thought Begins…
Is Life Simply Complex?
Eternal Connection
Illusion & Reality
Thought Frequency
Perspective of an Energy Shift
Circuitry of the Soul
Uncertain of Being Certain
Tuning into an Experience
Adventure within Words


Segments of Thought
January 23rd 2014 Update
Mind over Matter
A Valentines Day Show
Unlocking God’s Safe
Pure Focus
Using Alchemy on Thoughts
New Beginnings
Varying Views
Ten Minute Freestyle
To Beyond & Back
Never Better
Balance of Current Thoughts
Mindfulness & Compassion


Divine Love for 2015
Importance of Inspiration
Nothing to Let Go of
The Precious Paradox
The Jesus Games
A lot of Words
Allowing Authenticity
The Less I Have
Awakening Dreams
Where is the Universe?
Quality of Life
Confidence & Strength
Equal Love
How it’s Done


Creating Your Reality
A Second Thought
The End
Reclaiming Truth
The Constant
Intentional Focus
A Breakthrough
Moving Away
Illusion of Betrayal
Selective Thinking
Indescribable Description
Realistic Idealism


Fresh Starts & Sabotage
Is This Who I Am?
Returning Home
A Wonderful Eternal Life
Lost Translation
Alive in the Moment
All Inclusive
It’s Not Real
Self-Doubt & Confidence
Unidentified Confusion

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